Graduation Show 2020

Graduation Show 2020


This page sets out a virtual display of my graduation show, especially for those who could not attend the event in person. I had two pieces in the show and from here you can get to see photographs, artifacts and videos from the show. My two pieces are "The Devil's Porridge" and "For the motorway people who have forgotten how to stop and stare". See below for links to the individual pages for each piece. Both of my show pieces reflect my interest in psychogeography but take differing approaches.

The Devil's Porridge


This piece on show at the Art Academy 2020 Graduation show responds to my walk through a techno-fossil landscape in Uplees, North Kent. In this piece my aim was to produce a visual representation of my practice. The Devil's Porridge comprises several installation artifacts: a forensic “map” on cotton fabric, photography, accident report, gunpowder barrel, wooden table

Maximum dimensions: 120 cm by 78 cm

Image credits: historic Ordnance Survey mapping “Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland”, Google Earth, “The Great Explosion” Brian Dillon.

For the motorway people who have forgotten how to stop and stare


For this piece I have created an audio and visual installation which reflects on the “overlooked” status of a lovely brutalist footbridge over the M11 in Essex. It is an installation into which a two channel video is projected.

Two channel video and installation
Duration 11 minutes
Installation maximum dimensions: 251 cm (h) by 240 cm (l) by 180 cm (w)
Materials – hardwood, tracing paper

Credits: acting and narration: David Aylward; technical research and selected photographic stills: Helena Russell