I am a multi-media visual artist with a diverse skill set ranging from printing to video installations, with a particular interest in using technology for art making. I have a passion for things which could be described as techno-fossils, obsolete objects that have now become a hidden or forgotten part of the fabric of the urban or rural landscape. My practice, a form of technological archaeology brings together research and making. I use my technological knowledge, arising from a prior career in engineering, to investigate these techno-fossils and make artistic pieces based on my findings.

I have a passion to reveal the purpose of the overlooked. My research into these techno-fossils opens up possibilities for developing artistic narratives. Sometimes my interest is piqued by a location and so a distinct object is not always required.
Layering is a key part of my work and it is the accretion of information and parts to form the whole that is important. There is the literal layering in my making involving inter alia; masking, under-drawing and translucent layers. Then there is the metaphorical layering of meaning, memory, space or time. My compositions involve information gathered during my investigations.

Examples of work produced in the last year, including most recently those pieces from the UnCommon Grounds show.

Recent exhibitions

VICINITY: 785,500 m2

November 2023

Exhibition of new and recent work by Andy Grinham, Ella Zimina, Jon Faragher, Pippa Charlesworth, Livia Spinolo, Sophia Kisielewska-Dunbar, Katherine Jones RA

Temsu Longkumar, Cherish Marshall, AKA Stanley Black, Ivy of Spitalfields, Simon Yates and Marina Murvanidze Mitchell.


May 2023

Exhibition of new and recent work by Andy Grinham, Ella Zimina, Jon Faragher, Mercedes Balle, Julian Wild, Livia Spinolo, Martin Pirongs, Alison Hand, Simon Yates and Marina Murvanidze Mitchell.


June 2022

Exhibition of new and recent work by Jon Faragher, Mercedes Balle and Nao Fleming.


April-May 2022

Exhibition of new work by Andy Grinham, Ella Zimina, Emma Lucia Reyes, Jon Faragher, Livia Spinolo, Marina Murvanidze Mitchell, Mercedes Balle, Nao Fleming
Natalie Kalmus Eliasz, Paul Starns, Richa Vora, Ruth Swain and Simon Yates.